Tis the Season to Get Planting – Fall is the Best Time to Install New Material in the Lowcountry 

Thursday, November 17, 2022 | The Greenery, Inc.

Did you know that Fall is the best season to install new plant material in South Carolina? This is the best time of year in our state to consider installing new material before the chilly winter ahead. Although true northerners may chuckle when those of us in the Lowcountry discuss our “chilly” temperatures – it IS important to be ready for the temperature to drop so that you and your plants aren’t caught off guard. 

In our area, above-ground plants go dormant and cease growth in the Fall and Winter months. This includes evergreen shrubs and plants! However, the soil does not freeze, which allows plant roots to continue growing, even in colder weather.

If you plant now, when Spring does arrive then root development has a head start to search for water and nutrients leading to optimum growth during the warmer seasons.

Important Tips:

  • You must provide adequate water during the establishment period. Plants installed in the warmer months will require more water than in the Fall or Winter. That’s why planting during this season requires a bit less water consumption.
  • When buying new plant material, take a look at the size of the shrub in the grower’s pot, especially the root ball. The roots are where the majority of water and nutrients are taken into the plant. Smaller root balls cannot sustain larger plants for long periods of time. These will need more frequent and deep watering practices.

It’s always crucial to check with your local garden center to select the right plants for your yard and season. At The Greenery, we rely on a guide called “plant hardiness zones” as well as our many years of expertise in the markets we serve to help make our plant selections for our customers. This helpful guide created by the USDA specifies which plants will fare well in certain geographic regions based on the average temperature and rainfall. (Although no one can fully predict Mother Nature – so it is simply used as a guide.)

Not sure what to plant? Stop by The Greenery’s Garden Center to speak to one of our experts so that you can get planting today!

Just lovely. The layout and variety of plants there is mind blowing. You must visit their hot house. The pitcher plant was my favorite. Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. We are ordering plants to be sent to us at home.

R.A. Sinclair

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