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Man, is it hot outside! Summer has officially arrived and that means it’s time to take extra special care of your yard to protect it from this intense summer heat.   

But summer doesn’t mean that your yard doesn’t get to look its best. With a few extra steps, you can keep your yard looking great despite the rising temperatures.

Here are some tips to keep your landscape looking fabulous all summer long!

Water Often and Early
Dry, hot weather in the summer depletes soil moisture which can cause wilted blades and leaves. It also reduces root growth. Practice watering your plants and lawns on a regular basis, enough to soak plants and turf with a day or two in between depending on soil and sun exposure. The water should reach 4-6 inches deep.   

Remember to water early in the morning, ideally before sunrise, allowing plants time to soak up any moisture before the heat of day sets in. Also pay attention to weather forecasts and adjust your watering plan if heavy rain is expected in your area. 

To Fertilize or Not to Fertilize?
Many of the grasses that make up Lowcountry lawns and other warm weather areas would greatly benefit from a mid-summer fertilizer to promote healthy growth. But be careful not to burn an already heat-stressed grass. If you are unsure, it’s best to consult a professional about whether to fertilize, and what type of fertilizer to use.  

Plant Colorful Summer Annuals
If your yard is looking a little dull as the summer season progresses, or you are ready for a burst of exciting summer color, then consider incorporating new summer-blooming annuals or perennials. Salvia, Zinnias, Pentas, and Lantana are great examples that do well in the Lowcountry.  

Be aware when planting which flowers need more light and shade and arrange in your yard accordingly. Also be sure to water new plants adequately to promote healthy root growth.  

Give Your Plants a Rest
The summer is a stressful time for plants that are battling the heat and sun exposure. Try not to over prune or severely cut back plants when it’s this hot, recovery may not be as timely as thought. Routine pruning is helpful, and safety pruning may be needed.  

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by Darren Davis, Hilton Head Residential Branch Manager   

Fabulous garden center! What a treat to have found you while visiting Hilton Head. Everyone was so kind and helpful. ♡

Nancy W.

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