It is a Great Season to Update Your Yard

Friday, December 17, 2021 | The Greenery, Inc.

We live in a milder climate even in the Winter!  Did you know that in the Lowcountry – this is one of the best times of the year to update your outdoor plantings?

Although the calendar officially welcomes Winter on Dec. 21, thanks to the Lowcountry’s moderate climate – we are fortunate enough to continue to make improvements to our yards well into the winter months. Our warm days and cool nights are perfect for establishing new plants and giving them a chance to take root. Another benefit to this time of year is that generally there are fewer pests – less hungry insects and plant diseases helps to create a healthier environment for plants to flourish. And a more comfortable atmosphere for enjoying your outdoor spaces! It’s not too late to plant perennials, trees and shrubs. 


Too many plant options for your landscape have you feeling overwhelmed? Well…the experts at The Greenery are here to help! Most people don’t realize there are many plants that can grow beautifully this time of year in our climate. Some local growers produce late crops of spring and summer flowers that will perform well in Lowcountry landscapes up until a heavy frost. Don’t feel trapped by the “typical” early winter flower choices. Lowcountry landscapes have the unique opportunity to open a world of possibilities that other climates can’t offer. Plants such as Pansies, Violets, Snapdragons and Camellias are flowering summer annuals that can still add that pop of color to your yard. There are also nice foliage plant options to choose from such as Crotons and ornamental cabbage. And don’t forget about the permanent landscape plants that are perfect choices all year round – including Ginger Lilly, Stromathe and Dianella to really make your landscape stand out this season.


Despite our mild temperatures, you may notice a reduction in color in your lawn as the plant reduces leaf blade growth and begins storing energy in its roots to survive the winter. Although you may think that just because your lawn isn’t green then it doesn’t need attention…this simply isn’t true. It is important during this transitional period to assist your lawn in this process. It still needs your help!

Just a few simple tips can help your lawn be the greenest on the block come springtime. Now is a good time to apply a high-potassium winterizer fertilizer to help your lawn prepare ahead of time for its upcoming dormant season. Aerate your lawn to ensure stimulation and nourishment takes place before winter dormancy begins on your landscape.

December is also a great time to trim back dead growth on your trees and perennials on your property to give plants a fresh start for Spring.

With the holidays upon us, it is important to consider updating your landscape and being attentive to your lawn as you welcome more guests to your home for holiday festivities – especially those guests trying to escape the northern winter cold! And with the sun setting earlier each night, this is also a great time to consider installing lighting to enhance your outdoor space.Although December has some of the longest nights in the entire year – that doesn’t mean you have to live in the dark. Outdoor lighting can enhance your property’s value and curb appeal as well as increase the security of you home.

It may almost be winter, but a full landscape installation from The Greenery can have you enjoying time outdoors with your friends and family all season long. 

Call The Greenery to learn how you and your guests can enjoy the outdoors for longer at (843)785-3848!

Visited today and LOVED the plant selection, knowledgeable staff, and beautiful gifts. I'll be back every time I visit HH!

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