Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with Hardscape Designs

When people think of landscaping, they usually think about plants, trees, flowers and bushes. But there’s so much more to landscaping than that!

Hardscaping is now in high demand for backyards as a key way to add beauty to your property. Hardscapes can include fire pits, patios, and retaining walls, but can also be defined as benches, fences, walkways, and strategically placed rocks or other non-living features that enhance your landscape areas.

Adding hardscaping to your property adds both functionality and beauty to your home and outdoor living space. In most cases, it will also add to the value of your property. Hardscapes provide outdoor living and entertainment spaces, enhance privacy, and even add safety by directing visitors along safely built walkways.

The Greenery’s experienced landscape teams can install your exterior hard surfaces to complement your property’s style and landscape design. Our teams are experienced with projects of all sizes, budgets and levels of complexity.

Some of our exterior hardscape work includes drainage solutions, concrete flatwork, brick paving, retaining walls, columns and decorative walls, trellises, arbors, fencing, gates, synthetic turf, surfacing, and much more.

Our team at The Greenery will work with you to create a hardscape that enhances your landscaping while fulfilling your practical needs.

Contact us today to bring your landscaping visions to reality! (843)785-3848

One of the best plant nurseries I’ve been to in the US! Beautiful selection and everyone on staff is extra friendly and helpful. I bought a beautiful planter and some items from the antique shop. I can’t wait to come back!!

Noah P.

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