Summer is finally here and that often means you’ll be spending more time outdoors. This year, you are probably looking forward to long awaited visits from family and friends. And what better way to greet your guests than with a freshly enhanced yard?

The Greenery recently completed an enhancement project for local Lowcountry clients that we would love to share with you for some inspiration.


Yard Upgrade - Before
Yard Upgrade - Before

We began by removing old plantings that were outdated and overgrown along the entryway area. To fill in the area between the sidewalks and parking, we added Liriope and Asiatic Jasmine as ground cover – both are great choices because they multiply rapidly and require very little care.

We also installed Cypress Hardwood Mulch to help contrast the plantings with the siding of the house.

Our clients desired a new driveway where the pavement wasn’t torn from tree roots and age. They also wanted a larger parking space permitting more vehicles and creating a backup area to avoid backing into the road. They also needed a sidewalk that would take them from the parking area directly to the front of the house where they didn’t have to cut through the yard.


Yard Upgrade - After
Yard Upgrade - After
Yard Upgrade - After

The new driveway and matching sidewalk compliment the fresh plantings perfectly.

Now these clients (and their freshly enhanced yard) are summertime ready. They are excited to invite their family and friends over to do some outdoor entertaining – one of the best parts of Lowcountry living.

Looking to host your own outdoor party but need to update your plantings first? Then you’ll want to call The Greenery’s Tim Drake at (843) 384-5963.

Always a treat to stop and shop in this very cool nursery!

Linda H.

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